Web Analytics with Google Analytics

At Keybroker we have certified experts in Google Analytics with expertise in measurement, web analysis and all digital marketing channels.

Google Analytics Implementation

An important tool to reach unique insights of your visitors’ interaction with your site is Google Analytics. Reduce the communication gap between your IT-department by letting us create a guide on how to implement Google Analytics on your web site. We will be at your guidance throughout the process and will perform testing of the tracking, post the implementation.

Health Check

Are you tracking your data for Analytics in a correct manner? We offer a thorough Health Check of your Google Analytics to guarantee that your reporting from all Digital Marketing Channels is functioning in a correct manner. The Health Check will result in a compiled action plan with suggestions of improvements.

Dashboard & Customized Reports

A common mistake when assessing reports in Google Analytics is that analysts often consider an aggregated view for all visitors and digital marketing channels. This will often result in misleading results. Overviews in combination with customized reporting segments based on individual customer segments are key to your analysis and provide a better basis for decision-making. We offer Customized Reporting and Dashboards based on your needs and business objectives. Along with our expertise within all digital marketing channels we will guide you, whether it would be attribution modeling between different marketing channels or the result of your latest TV ad campaign.

Web Analysis

Google Analytics as a tool enables you to find insights and learning of your visitors’ behavior on your website, your traffic sources’ efficiency and the concurrent impact of all your marketing channels. In our Web Analysis we will analyze the behavior of your visitors and the performance of each page on your website in order to optimize your results towards your business objective. The analysis will result in suggestions of improvement for your website, in terms of user experience for your visitors and your website’s efficiency. With our expertise in all digital marketing channels we will make sure that the analysis is taking all traffic sources in to account.

Solutions for Google Analytics

As digital experts in the field of SEM, Display, Social Media and SEO we can provide you with analysis in Google Analytics for each digital marketing channel respectively. At Keybroker we offer you analysis and provide you with action points along with complete guides on how you can improve your website.

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