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At the heart of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) lays the question of relevancy. Every single user using a search engine is looking for something specific. Your opportunity as an advertiser is to show your message every single time someone is signalling their interest in your business with their search queries. Keybroker can help you with both SEM and SEO so that you can influence this large public in the best possible way.

Keybroker’s system and experienced digital experts give you customised ads for 100% of your inventory, perfectly updated with price, availability and other parameters unique to every product. Maybe you want to advertise only for products with a certain margin, quantity in stock or above a certain price? No problem. To make search engine marketing profitable, it’s all about having an approach to campaign management that puts the business logic in the first room. Watch our explainer video about our take on SEM.

Why Keybroker?

  • We have experienced, digital experts that speaks a variety of different mother tongues. Our culture is all about creating as much value as possible for our clients
  • We are experts at analysing data and optimising our clients’ campaigns in order to constantly improve them. We never stop optimising your campaigns
  • We have developed a unique technology that gives you:
  • Always up-to-date search ads with correct offers, prices and links
  • Increased cost efficiency thanks to ads that are more relevant
  • Better reach and visibility, as we are able to advertise all your products in stock
  • The possibility of choosing which product to sell on which searched based on your business rules

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