Display Advertising

A push channel

There’s nothing like showing an image when telling a story. That’s the main reason display advertising always has been, and probably always will be, huge. However, despite being by far the oldest online ad format, the advertising world is only starting to realise its potential.

At the core of online display advertising are the enormous capabilities in terms of reach. By combining the different ad networks, technologies and targeting options that Keybroker offers, it is possible to reach virtually 100% of the online population. Regardless of who your target audience is, as long as they’re online we can utilise display advertising to reach them.

So what’s the story? Well, in essence it comes down to two things: relevance and efficiency. Relevance can be achieved through highly segmented targeting to make sure the right person sees the right message. This takes work, skill and an understanding of how targeting actually works within different display networks. We help you reach your audience through retargeting, contextual targeting and targeting based on user demographics, interests and online purchase behaviour. And efficiency? As the display market is transforming from static to dynamic placements and processes, effective real-time bidding is crucial in order to achieve good returns on your investment. At Keybroker we have been doing this since day one. We know it takes skill. We also know we’re really good at it.

Why Keybroker?

  • We have experienced, digital experts that speaks a variety of different mother tongues.
  • We always have your business objectives as the foundation for our work.
  • We offer great reach through a variety of ad networks.
  • We always work with the latest technology and buy ad space smarter than our competition.
  • We never stop optimising your campaigns.

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