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In just a few years consumers have gone from sitting locked in front of a computer screen, to be able to do basically anything, anytime, anywhere. It’s a whole new world that fits in a smart phone and is only limited by the connection speed and battery life. A world that places high demands on how companies should attract new customers and retain those they already have. A world where we at Keybroker are experts.

Today we help 70 (and counting) companies with strategy, optimization and development, and we help them to change, innovate and transform their business so that they can play an important role, not only today but also tomorrow. With knowledge, curiosity and a constant learning we create opportunities for our customers to face the future and prosper in it.

We are Keybroker .

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Ida Hällkvist, CEO Keybroker AB -
+46 70 480 10 00‬

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Terésa Gustavsson -
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